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Biology: A Guide to the Natural World 4/E
소비자가격  : 38,000원 (0%할인)
판매가격  : 38,000원
적립금  : 1,140점
출판사  : Benjamin Cummings
저자  : David Krogh
발행일  : 2009
페이지 수  : 856면
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David Krogh’s fluent writing style guides students through the natural world of biology using relevant examples, clearly-developed illustrations, and interesting analogies that resonate with students.


Intended for Introductory Biology courses, every aspect of Biology: A Guide to the Natural World was written and illustrated to guide students through biological concepts and develop their sense of scientific literacy. It is recognized as a book that students enjoy reading. The Fourth Edition builds upon the text’s popular strengths—an accessible and engaging writing style, up-to-date content,  a clear illustration program, a robust media package, and a complete selection of instructor and student resources.

This text now includes access to MasteringBiology®. All resources previously found on mybiology are now located within the Study Area of MasteringBiology.





  • An accessible writing style walks students step by step through complex biological processes and captures their interest with analogies from everyday life, history, art, and literature.
  • Science as a way of learning essays present science as a process, highlights how our knowledge has been acquired, and demonstrates the logic of evolutionary thinking.
  • This text encourages students to think like scientists and "do" science wherever possible; helps students develop sound thinking and reasoning skills that can be applied to any subject.
  • A strong illustration program features guided figures and clear three-dimensional detail; key information has been expanded from the text into the illustrations.
  • Coverage of current topics relates biology to relevant issues including global warming, human population growth, the dangers of suntans, etc.
  • Web Animations lead students through a series of biological-related concepts with animations, interactive exercises, and quizzes for review of difficult concepts.
  • Instructor Resource CD-ROM gives instructors access to all of their resources in one place; includes animations, an image bank containing every illustration and most of the photos from the text, PowerPoint® lecture and art slides, the Test Bank, Instructor's Guide, BioFlix animations, Discovery videos, and BLAST animations.


  • New To This Edition

  • BioFlix animations and tutorials, available on the Instructor Resource CD-ROM and the student website, correlate to sections within chapters and illustrate important information.These student tools cover the most difficult biology topics with 3-D, movie-quality animations, labeled slide shows, carefully constructed student tutorials, study sheets, and quizzes that support all types of learners. Topics include Tour of An Animal Cell, Tour of A Plant Cell, Membrane Transport, Cellular Respiration, Photosynthesis, Mitosis, Meiosis, DNA Replication.
  • "So Far . . ." questions are interspersed through the body of a chapter to give students a checkpoint and moment to reflect on what they have been reading.
  • “The Process of Science” essays discuss contemporary research and topics of interest to students and replace the “How Did We Learn” essays
  • Human Evolution (Chapter 20) is now an entire chapter, in addition to the History of Life chapter (Chapter 19).
  • Circulation, respiration, digestion, and urination  are now divided into two chapters—Circulation and respiration (29), and a second chapter on digestion, nutrition, and urination (30).
  • Population and ecology are now divided into two chapters—one on populations (33) and one on communities (34).
  • MasteringBiology is an online assessment and tutorial system designed to help instructors teach more efficiently, and pedagogically proven to help students learn. It helps instructors maximize class time with customizable, easy-to-assign, and automatically graded assessments that motivate students to learn outside of class and arrive prepared for lecture. The powerful gradebook provides unique insight into student and class performance even before the first test. As a result, instructors can spend class time where students need it most. The Mastering system empowers students to take charge of their learning through activities aimed at different learning styles, and engages them in learning science through practice and step-by-step guidance–at their convenience, 24/7.


  • Table of Contents

    1. Science as a Way of Learning: A Guide to the Natural World

    2. Fundamental Building Blocks: Chemistry, Water, and pH

    3. Life’s Components: Biological Molecules

    4.  Life’s Home: The Cell

    5. Life’s Border: The Plasma Membrane

    6. Life’s Mainspring: An Introduction to Energy

    7. Vital Harvest: Deriving Energy from Food

    8. The Green World’s Gift: Photosynthesis

    9. Genetics and Cell Division

    10. Preparing for Sexual Reproduction: Meiosis

    11. The First Geneticist: Mendel and His Discoveries

    12. Units of Heredity: Chromosomes and Inheritance

    13. Passing On Life’s Information: DNA Structure and Replication

    14. How Proteins Are Made: Genetic Transcription, Translation, and Regulation

    15. The Future Isn’t What It Used to Be: Biotechnology

    16. An Introduction to Evolution Charles Darwin, Evolutionary Thought, and the Evidence for Evolution

    17. The Means of Evolution: Microevolution

    18. The Outcomes of Evolution: Macroevolution

    19. A Slow Unfolding: The History of Life on Earth

    20. Arriving Late, Traveling Far: The Evolution of Human Beings

    21. Viruses, Bacteria, Archaea, and Protists: The Diversity of Life 1

    22. Fungi and Plants: The Diversity of Life 2

    23. Animals: The Diversity of Life 3

    24. The Angiosperms: An Introduction to Flowering Plants

    25. The Angiosperms: Form and Function in Flowering Plants

    27. Communication and Control: The Nervous and Endocrine Systems

    28. Defending the Body: The Immune System

    29. Transport and Exchange 1: Blood and Breath

    30. Transport and Exchange 2: Digestion, Nutrition, and Elimination

    31. An Amazingly Detailed Script: Animal Development

    32. How the Baby Came to Be: Human Reproduction

    33. An Interactive Living World 1: Populations in Ecology

    34. An Interactive Living World 2: Communities in Ecology

    35. An Interactive Living World 3: Ecosystems and Biomes

    36. Animals and Their Actions: Animal Behavior

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    제품명 Biology: A Guide to the Natural World 4/E
    판매가격 38,000원
    제조사 Benjamin Cummings
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