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THINK Human Sexuality
소비자가격  : 45,000원 (0%할인)
판매가격  : 45,000원
적립금  : 1,350점
출판사  : Pearson
저자  : Kelly J. Welch
발행일  : 2011
페이지 수  : 420면
ISBN  : 9780205777716
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For Human Sexuality courses at two and four year institutions: SP0801


THINK Currency, THINK Relevancy, THINK Human Sexuality


THINK Human Sexuality covers the essentials every human sexuality student should know. The chapters are briefer than a standard text—allowing for a lower cost to students and using less printed paper. Unlike other brief texts, THINK Human Sexuality includes 18 chapters of content—giving instructors the flexibility to choose what they want to cover without the worry that skipping several chapters will mean leaving out hundreds of pages of content.


THINK Human Sexuality provides currency and relevance through design, current examples, and high-interest readings. The readings have been chosen from a range of well respected journals and popular press publications. With the concise presentation of material in the chapters, instructors have the option of incorporating these readings and helping students connect to issues occurring outside of the classroom.


The instructor supplements package will help bring the key concepts of Human Sexuality to life, without burdening students with dense and too expensive learning solutions. 

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Sexual Life Now

            Studying Sexuality and Sex

                What is Sexology?

                What is Sexuality? The Interrelated Domains of Sexuality

                Sexual Life Education


Chapter 2: Knowing What We Know: Understanding Sexual Life Through Research and Theory

            Early Sexuality Research: Paving the Way to Understanding Sexuality and Sex

                Understanding the Multiple Influences on Our Sexuality: The Ecological Model

                Understanding Sex and Sexuality Through Theory

                Sexual Life Education


Chapter 3: Gender Now

            It Matters: The Biological Foundations of Gender

                Somewhere Between “Male” and “Female”

                It Matters: The Culture of Gender

                It Matters: Gender Identity

                Sexual Life Education


Chapter 4: Female Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology

            The Vulva: External Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy

                Internal Female Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy

                Female Sexual Maturation and Development

                Difficulties and Changes in the Menstrual Cycle

                Menstruation and the 21st Century

                The Breasts

                Sexual and Reproductive Health

                Sexual Life Education


Chapter 5: Male Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology

            Anatomy of the Male Sexual and Reproductive System

                The Pathway of the Sperm

                Male Sexual Development

                Physiology of the Male Sexual and Reproductive System

                The Perineum and the Pelvic Floor

                Male Sexual Anatomy and the 21st Century

                Anabolic-Androgenic Steroid Use

                Male Sexual and Reproductive Health

                Self-Care and Prevention

                Sexual Life Education


Chapter 6: Becoming a Sexual Person: Sexual Development from Infancy Through Early Adulthood

            Learning to Be Sexual

                Developing Sexually: Infants and Toddlers

                Developing Sexually: Early Childhood

                Developing Sexually: Middle Childhood

                Developing Sexually: Adolescence

                Developing Sexually: Early Adulthood

                Child Sexual Abuse: The Influence on Sexual Development

                Sexual Life Education


Chapter 7: Sexual Orientation Development: What Determines Whether We’re Gay, Straight, Bisexual or Transgender?

            What is Sexual Orientation?

                Nature or Nurture: What Determines Our Sexual Orientation?

                Homosexual Experiences Throughout the Life Cycle

                Sexual Life Education


Chapter 8: Pathways to Partnering: Love and Attraction

            Love is a Cultural Experience

                What is Love?

                Developing Love

                Theories of Love and Loving

                “Frisky Business”: Interpersonal Attraction Theories

                The Path to Commitment

                The Connection Between Love and Sex

                Sexual Life Education


Chapter 9: Communication: Enriching Intimate Relationships

            What is Communication?

                Family Systems Theory: The Couple as an Interconnected System

                Meanings: The Symbolic Interaction Framework

                Relationship Communication

                Intimacy: Enriching Your Relationship and Your Sexual Bond

                Obstacles to Intimacy

                Sexual Communication

                Sex Talk: Communicating Differently Over Time

                Cornerstones of Communication

                Sexual Life Education


Chapter 10: Experiencing Sexuality in Relationships

            Being Single

                Non-Marital Cohabitation

                Getting Married

                The Transition to Marriage: Why It’s So Tough

                Marital Satisfaction

                Extramarital Experiences: Venturing Outside of the Relationship

                Sexual Life Education


Chapter 11: Sexual Arousal and Response in Adult Relationships

            In the Mood: The Nature of Sexual Desire and Arousal

                Human Sexual Response Processes

                Solitary Sexual Experiences

                Sex with Others

                Experiencing Sexual Difficulties

                Sexual Life Education


Chapter 12: The Choices and Challenges of Childbearing

            Childbearing in America

                How We Reproduce

                The Changes Through Pregnancy

                Labor and Birth

                Postpartum Changes

                Unexpected Outcomes

                Teen Pregnancy

                Choosing to Be Childfree

                Sexual Life Education


Chapter 13: Planning and Preventing Pregnancy: Contraception and Abortion

            Contraception: Past and Present

                Barrier Methods: Condoms and Caps

                Hormone Methods: The Pill, the Patch and the Ring

                How Implants and Injectables Work

                How Chemical Methods Work

                How Intrauterine Methods Work

                How Natural Methods of Contraception Work

                How Permanent Methods of Contraception Work

                How Emergency Contraception Works

                Abortion: A Personal Choice

                Sexual Life Education


Chapter 14: Protecting Your Sexuality: Understanding Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV/AIDS

            Sexually Transmitted Infections

                Bacterial Infections

                Viral Infections

                Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS)

                Sexual Life Education


Chapter 15: Variations in Sexual Expression

            Is There Such a Thing as “Typical” Sexual Expression?

                “Over-Sexed” and “Under-Sexed”: The Ranges of Sexual Frequency

                Sexual Life Education


Chapter 16: As We Age: Sexuality Throughout Adulthood

            Aging and the Double Standard

                Sexual Changes in Women and Men

                Sexual Activity in Later Years

                Sexual Life Education


Chapter 17: Using Sex as a Weapon: Sexual Coercion, Rape and Abuse

            Rape and Sexual Assault

                Intimate Partner Violence

                Child Sexual Abuse

                Sexual Life Education


Chapter 18: Selling Sex: Pornography and Prostitution

            Historical Erotic and Sexual Representations

                What is Pornography?

                Should Pornography and Erotica Be Censored?

                Selling Sex: Prostitution and Pimps

                Sexual Life Education

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